TDS Chemicals Co. Ltd.,

TDS Chemical Corp. Founded in 1997 in China as a Swedish Chemicals sourcing company.

TDS is fully invested by a Swedish corporation named TODOS DATA SYSTEM AB and located in Waigaoqiao Bonded Zone of Shanghai China. There, TDS is enjoying lots of facilities to produce many environmental friendly materials. Further more TDS has up to now set up corporate offices in other states like Japan, Taiwan for the worldwide smooth operation.

TDS is an expert Manufacturing company in field of  High-tech Chemicals, Chemical Raw Materials, (Inorganic Chemicals & Organic Chemicals), Chemical Intermediates, Dyestuffs & Pigments,  Pharmaceuticals, additives for food & Feed, Essences & Perfumes that are completely made in China according to the most advance standards.

As indicated by the visible rapid development of Chinese industries in recent years, the quality of Chinese chemical products have actually reached or some how exceeded the internationally accepted standard, while prices are comparatively decreased. This is partly because of the low labor cost  and efficient harnessing of Energy.

Upon our belief we would like to introduce them to Iranian Industries, Customers believing their great potential in the world market and meeting our National Industries requirements.

Since the establishment of our coorporation, TDS has gained firm & constant partnership from QC.

Still we stick to the spirit of serving the Customers & Principals even better than ever made out to them.

 Product Categories


   Raw Materials

   Plant Extract

Dyestuff & Pigments


 Vat Dyes

  Direct Dyes

 Sulphur Dyes

 Acid Dyes & Acid Chrome Dyes

 Basic dyes

 Reactive Dyes

 Chemical Intermediates

 Pharmacueticals Intermediate

 Dye Intermediates

Other Intermediates

 Chemical Raw Materials

 Inorganic Raw materials

 Organic Raw Materials

Essence & Perfumes


You can also visit TDS Web site at http://www.tdschem.com